Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

The design of the carpet you have fitted in your home is such that it traps and holds particles many times its weight. These small particles are tiny enough not to be seen by the naked eye. The particles include dust and allergens, which are the primary causes of allergic reactions in the home. Professional carpet cleaning is necessary to remove these particles and restore the original appearance of the carpet. This improves good health and indoor air quality. A DIY cleaning won?t remove the deep-seated particles and foul smell. Additionally, what you can do in 2 days can be done by professional home carpet cleaners in 2 hours or less.

Professional carpet cleaners use several methods to leave your carpet spotless:

Dry Cleaning

This is the most common method that the professional cleaner uses to handle stains on your carpet. The cleaner uses different powders to clean and rinse out the stains from the carpet. The cleaner chooses a powder depending on the type of stain and how long it has been on the carpet. After spraying the powder over the carpet, the cleaner vacuums it, taking out the dust particles.

Wet Cleaning

This uses different types of detergents, and it?s what you use when you clean your carpet in the home. The difference is that professionals use industrial-grade detergents and state-of-the-art equipment not available to you. The detergents handle different stains that spill on your carpets, while the use of special shampoo leaves the carpet smelling fresh. After washing the carpet, home carpet cleaners use large fans to make sure the carpet dries within the shortest time possible. The fans leave no moisture in your home, which means you don?t have to worry about mold infestation.

Steam Cleaning

This method is handled only by professional carpet cleaners. The cleaners use special equipment to produce steam at specific temperatures. The temperature can go as high as 210 Fahrenheit, which is ideal for removing stubborn stains from your carpets such as coffee, blood, wine and lipstick. The machines also produce low humidity air, which helps dry the carpet after thorough cleaning.

Who is the Best Carpet Cleaner?

Cleaning the different types of fabrics that carpets are made from requires tact and expertise. This is why you need a professional with the right equipment, materials, experience and know-how. The cleaner should offer a cleaning solution that suits the type of carpet in your home. The cleaner understands that different fabrics need a unique approach. The pro cleaner has invested in industrial-grade detergents to handle any stubborn carpet stains. Additionally, the equipment clean deeper than a typical vacuum cleaner does, which removes any dirt that has accumulated over time.