Tips for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Cleaning a hardwood floor is not like cleaning any other kind of floor. Hardwood floors require special care that other surfaces do not. Most floors can’t be damaged by water or cleaning supplies, but hardwood floors can be if you’re not careful. You should never use water to clean a hardwood floor. Water can damage the wood. In fact, you should use as little liquid as possible when cleaning hardwood floors.

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Step #1. First things first, you need to get the floor as clean as possible before cleaning it. Ironic I know, but trust me. Do this by using a regular broom and dust pan to sweep up any lose dirt, dust, or debris on the floor. You can also use a dry rag or a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors if needed.

Step #2. Now that all the dust and dirt is off the floor, it’s time to actually start cleaning it. Like I said, DO NOT use water or a wet soapy mop. The key here is to keep the floor as dry as possible at all times. Use a SLIGHTLY damp mop to go over the floor and take up any dirt that is still on it.

Step #3. Next you’ll want to use a hardwood floor cleaner. You can get this at just about any grocery store or store that sells household products like, Target or Wal-Mart. You may want to read the instructions carefully on the bottle of cleaner.

Step #4. Apply the cleaning solution to a dry rag or dry mop, and thoroughly rub down the floor. If there are only select spots that need to be cleaned, you can just do those spots.

Here are some extra tips for keeping your hardwood floor clean:

• Lay down rugs in high traffic areas like, doorways or the middle of the floor where lots of people walk through.

• Do not walk across the floor in heals or hard bottomed shoes. Heals can leave scuff marks and scratches.

• If you spill a drink or any other liquid on the floor, dab it up quickly with a dry towel. Do not spread it around with the towel by rubbing back and forth.

• Some hardwood floors need to be waxed from time to time. You may need to contact the manufacture or your land lord to find out if your floor needs waxing.

• Put rug pads underneath the legs of your furniture. These can be purchased at just about any furniture or hardware store. Be sure to never drag furniture across the floor.