Carpet Stain Removal and Steam Cleaning

Do your carpets look and feel like a circus has been through your home? Do you wish that your rug could magically look like new again? Do you think that your carpets are so damaged, that there is just no hope? Then it’s time to call us, the carpet cleaning experts. We’ll work hard to bring your carpet and home back to life.

Fast service

We understand that many of our clients need fast service. After all, unexpected company, changed plans, or upcoming parties can create urgent cleaning needs. We are local to Louisville, KY. That’s why our rug cleaning service can get your home looking great in no time at all.

Safe products

Many of our customers worry about the safety of strong cleaning products around children or pets. We’re proud to say that all of our solutions, chemicals, and cleaning processes are completely safe.

Gentle cleaning

Frequently, we receive calls from customers who have tried DIY rug cleaning products with disastrous consequences. Many of these cleaners don’t remove the stain, damage carpet fibers, or even strip out color. However, our technicians are all highly trained. This means that we know how to get dirt and stains out without damaging your carpet. Our gentle cleaning process is hard on grime but easy on your home.

Amazing results

New customers are often skeptical of just how clean we can get their carpet. After all, many of them have scrubbed for hours trying to get stubborn spots out. However, no amount of scrubbing can match our professional equipment and training. Remember, professional results require a professional.

Saved time

Do you feel like all your time is spent keeping the rugs in your home clean? It doesn’t take long before this task becomes overwhelming. However, you can eliminate that frustration by calling us. We’d be happy to do this work for you. Once we’re done, all you’ll have to do is enjoy your freshly cleaned carpets.

Stop stressing about muddy kids, dirty dogs, and greasy shoes. By calling us, you can rest knowing that it won’t be long before your carpet looks like new again.